JP Enhanced Extractor .223/5.56 AR-15

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Fabrikat: JP Enterprises
Modell: Enhanced Extractor .223/5.56 AR-15
Gewicht: 0.01kg
Artikelnummer: 68401
Herstellernr.: JPEB-223EX

The JP Enhanced Extractor is another example of the refusal to have the performance of JP rifles hamstrung by the poor or inconsistent quality of the standard subcomponents on the market. A complete redesign of the DPMS-pattern extractor, JP's Enhanced Extractor eliminates premature ejector failures and other malfunctions resulting from the extractor not clearing the case rim. The articulation required to clear the case rim has been minimized for reliable, in-battery closure while a new composite spring system allows for consistent extractor-to-rim engagement to ensure reliable extraction and improved resistance of extractor disengagement. More consistent metallurgy also lends to a longer duty life compared to the standard alternative. If your rifle continues to have extraction related issues with this extractor, you can be assured that the problem lies elsewhere. If your rifle does not have other exacerbating issues, this should be the last extractor you need to buy. See the discussion on extraction failures included with the Enhanced Extractor instructions to help you more fully diagnose your rifle.

Enhanced metallurgy and optimized geometry make this a must-have backup part if not an outright replacement. Designed to function in any Mill-spec bolt assembly, it includes JP's extractor spring/rubber core.


  • Superior grade steel metallurgy for greater durability
  • Shot peen surface treatment for greater service life
  • Improved geometry to reduce case wear and extractor fatigue