Eemann Adjustable Sights Set for CZ P-10

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Fabrikat: Eemann Tech
Modell: Adjustable Sights Set for CZ P-10
Artikelnummer: 64399
Herstellernr.: 44-130070

The set of Eemann Tech Adjustable sights for CZ P-10 has been designed specifically for IPSC competitions.

Front sight has a fiber rod with 1 mm diameter.

The rear sight is checkered in order to obtain maximum clarity and eliminate a glare when sighting.

CZ P-10 C, CZ P-10 F, CZ P-10 S, CZ P-10 M

• Front sight height from the slide surface: 9 mm.
• Front sight width: 3 mm.
• Rear sight notch size: 3 mm x 2.2 mm.

The set includes:
• Adjustable rear sight: 1 pc.
• Front sight: 1 pc.
• Front sight screw: 1 pc.