JP Enhanced Ejector Kit AR-15

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Fabrikat: JP Enterprises
Modell: Enhanced Ejector Kit AR-15
Gewicht: 0.01kg
Artikelnummer: 69106
Herstellernr.: JPEB-223EJK

AR-15 Enhanced Ejector Kit

Mil-spec has left the door open for many much-needed improvements for decades.

Enhanced metallurgy and optimized geometry make our Enhanced Ejector a premium upgrade for your bolt assembly. With a rounded head polished to a near mirror finish, this ejector dramatically reduces brass smear and shavings. It's the standard ejector on all our EnhancedBolt models.

Designed to function in any Mil-spec bolt assembly, this Enhanced Ejector includes a replacement ejector spring and coil pin.


  • Superior grade steel metallurgy for greater durability
  • High surface polish for reduced friction
  • Improved geometry to reduced brass smear and shaving



Compatible for all AR-15 Mil-Spec Bolts in 5.56 / .223 / .300 BLK / 7.62x39 / 6.5 Grendel / 6.8 SPC II / .224 Val.