JP Reduced Power AR Trigger Spring Set

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Fabrikat: JP Enterprises
Modell: Reduced Power AR Trigger Spring Set
Gewicht: 0.02kg
Artikelnummer: 63989
Herstellernr.: JPS3.5

JP | Reduced Power Spring Set

These custom-produced springs are the same ones we use with our JP Fire Control components to achieve a reliable 3-lb. trigger setup with our proprietary sear geometry. They can also be
used with properly prepared Mil-spec trigger/hammer components and a good anti-seize grease to achieve a clean, reliable 4- to 5-lb. trigger. Once installed, this spring setup will give good ignition reliability with high quality ammo and properly seated primers.

Application: Use of this spring kit requires the use of US-manufactured (domestic) ammunition or reloads with domestic (non-NATO spec) primers as ignition reliability will be reduced with hard, low-sensitivity primers such as those found in NATO-spec and various foreign-manufactured ammunitions. These springs are for recreational or competition shooting only and should not be installed in any rifle used for defense or duty applications or any AR-10 type rifle.