Apex Walther PPQ Trigger Flat Faced Foward Set

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Fabrikat: Apex
Modell: Walther PPQ Trigger Flat Faced Foward Set Black
Gewicht: 0.033kg
Artikelnummer: 62780
Herstellernr.: 100018832

The Apex Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger and Apex Tuned Trigger Bar for the Walther PPQ is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger and factory trigger bar. The Apex design reduces pre-travel, overall trigger travel and trigger reset. It provides a smooth uptake and reset while delivering a crisp trigger break. Overall trigger travel is reduced by approximately 40% over the factory trigger and trigger bar.

Expected Results
– Direct drop-in replacement of factory polymer trigger
– Smooths uptake and reset
– Reduces trigger pre-travel, overall travel and reset distance
– Reduces overall travel by approximately 40%
– Provides crisp trigger break
– Maintains factory drop safety values

Applicable To What Gun(s)
For use in the new Q5 Match model (excluding the new Q5 Match Steel Frame / Q5 Match Steel Frame Pro), as well as both the PPQ M1 and M2 models in 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP.
NOT for use in the PPQ SC (Sub Compact).

In The Package
1 ea. Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger w/ Apex Tuned Trigger Bar for the Walther PPQ