RifleCX Graphite Spray 150ml

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Fabrikat: RifleCX
Modell: Graphite Spray 150ml
Packungsgröße: 150ml
Gewicht: 0.27kg
Artikelnummer: 71072

High content of micronized graphite – 15%. High plasticity of the grease at low temperatures confirmed by the results of tests at the Air Force Institute of Technology.  It is resistant to high temperatures and has low chemical activity.  It has anti-corrosion properties, does not dissolve in water, does not have a negative impact on the environment, and is highly fire-resistant.  Reacting with atmospheric water vapor, it creates a thin layer on the surface, thanks to which it reduces friction and wear of elements. 

Capacity: 150 ml. 

Applicator for precise application.

Water resistant, hydrophobic. 

High temperature from -30°C to +600°C.