DAA Case Lube - 250 ml

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Fabrikat: DAA
Modell: Case Lube - 250 ml
Packungsgröße: 250 ml
Gewicht: 0.235kg
Artikelnummer: 64375
Herstellernr.: 103333

The DAA Case Lube is  a result of much testing and experimentation to find the best performing formula.

The non-aerosol spray-cap bottle is easy and efficient to use: Simply lay  your cases out in an open flat box, and spray lightly with one or two passes.

Quick and efficient.

The lube contains a high percentage of alcohol and so will dry swiftly leaving a less oily residue than other brands of case lube typically do.



Store in a cool area out of direct sunline.

Keep container tightly closed.

Keep out of reach of children.

Caution: Flammable! Keep away from heat or open flame!