Armanov Powder Funnel for Dillon Powder Measure

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Fabrikat: Armanov
Modell: Powder Funnel for Dillon Powder Measure
Gewicht: 0.06kg
Artikelnummer: 71094
Herstellernr.: DPF9MM
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Powder Funnel for activating the Dillon automatic powder system.

An essential component for reloading with any bullet-feeder system with your Dillon powder measure. It prepares the brass correctly so that the bullet can be seated in the case, and not tip over as you index the shell plate.

The tip of the funnel features a slightly oversized ring for smoother operation and less case shaking. It allows for just the right amount of expansion, without over flaring or stressing your brass.

Surface is phosphatized for toughness and abrasion resistance.