DAA Belt Loop with Velcro Attachment Pad

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Verfügbar: 3 STK

Fabrikat: DAA
Modell: Belt Loop with Velcro Attachment Pad
Gewicht: 0.024kg
Artikelnummer: 69102
Herstellernr.: 103434

A simple and practical way to carry your CED7000 Shot Timer when using the DAA Tactical CED7000 silicon skin, with its included Velcro tab.

This webbing strap wraps around your shooting belt, and can function as a belt security loop as well. The additional Velcro tab area extends beneath the belt and is designed to give you a surface to attach  your Timer to, once you have applied the Velcro tab supplied with the DAA Tactical CED7000 Skin.

hang the Timer upside-down – and this will allow you lift it upwards to read the display while still attached to your belt.

A lightweight, practical and inexpressive solution for carrying your timer during practice.